Casablanca on the big screen

By stewie9295
Written July 03, 2015
What a gem, I have seen this movie a thousand times on tv but because of my age never on the big screen and with a audience. The experience was just awesome. I saw this as part of the fathom series in conjunction with Tuner Classic Movies. The intro to the movie with Robert Osborne as the narrator was great with behind the scenes tid bits about the plot and the making of this iconic film. The theater was just wonderful with huge leather chairs and a wait staff to serve your every whim. The overall experience was a ten. Thanks TCM
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Casablanca - review of the venue

By ellen565
Written February 01, 2015
Attended the showing Wednesday night at the AMC in Woodland Hills, California. The documentary shown prior to the film, while mildly informative, was out of sound sinc and very difficult to watch. The movie was enjoyable as expected and the theatre was sold out. At the conclusion, AMC neglected to raise the lights and the entire crowd had to stumble out. Overall a disappointing experience. It is requested that Fandango require minimum quality standards from their venues.
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By on_the_beach
Written March 22, 2012
Love it on the big screen. I've seen this movie on my TV hundreds of times, but never felt the emotions like I experienced watching it on the big screen. It was like seeing it for the first time.
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A Timeless Classic

By egspring
Written March 22, 2012
Two of Hollywoods greatest stars, Bogart and Bergman, doesn't get any better. Even though I have seen this film many times on television, being able to see it as it was meant to be seen was like seeing it for the first time. Bogart turned in a truly dramatic performance of a man jaded by his experiences and what he saw as a betrayal by the women he loved. Seeing his underlying humanity and decency come through in moments like helping he young Bulgarian oouple escape Casablanca without the girl having to disgrace herself. Ingrid Bergman as well delivered a timeless performance as Ilsa Lund, whose conflicted loyalties jolt Rick back to reality as he begins to regain his sense of right and wrong. For me, one of my favorite characters is Louie. His corrupt, cynical persona serves as his shield until Rick's act of sacrifice breaks through to his patriotism and pride.
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By chaena25
Written March 22, 2012
Seen this a long time ago and it was as if I never seen it. I love it even now. I couldn't believe the theater was sold out! Now this is a true classic!
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