By kentnyc
Written November 22, 2014
THE perfect film. What a tri[p to see it on the big screen (as intended) with a theatre full of like-minded fans. One night only special 70th Anniversary Celebration. MORE of this kind of programming PLEASE!
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Casablanca on the big screen

By stewie9295
Written July 03, 2015
What a gem, I have seen this movie a thousand times on tv but because of my age never on the big screen and with a audience. The experience was just awesome. I saw this as part of the fathom series in conjunction with Tuner Classic Movies. The intro to the movie with Robert Osborne as the narrator was great with behind the scenes tid bits about the plot and the making of this iconic film. The theater was just wonderful with huge leather chairs and a wait staff to serve your every whim. The overall experience was a ten. Thanks TCM
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Thank You AMC

By rsdobrushin
Written March 22, 2012
AMC has to release at least one classic movie a month...It is too rough to wait 3 to 4 months between shows....West Side Story was amazing on the big screen but nothing like Casablanca...I saw parents bringing 12 year old kids to the show...thank you for releasing that last night and maybe we can get a Cagney or Tracey movie next...How about Captain Courageous or Angels with Dirty Faces Next!!! thank you AMC
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Casablance 70th Anniversary Event....what an event to see!

By aunttassie
Written March 22, 2012
Watching a classic on the big screen as they did 70 years ago is a must see! We did however, experience some slow start (40 minutes) and operator error (although manager of Cinemark indicated "malfunction" could clearly see that someone was fast forwarding/rewinding)...but that didn't deter the beauty of the movie with classic-movie-goers! Having the anniversary event with Robert Osborne made it an eventful night! I was born too late....would have loved to have experienced all these classics back in the day!
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Wonderful experience

By Lilac_Girl
Written March 23, 2012
It was a great experience to see Casablanca on the big screen once again. I saw the unrestored version in Palo Alto, CA a few years back at the Stanford Theatre. I wish we had a theater in GInesville that showed these classic films. Thanks to TCM for sponsoring the showing. The opening presentation by Robert Osbourne was very enjoyable also. Thanks again TCM
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