Classics on the big screen! Casablanca!

By gerstmom
Written February 08, 2016
Thank you TCM! What a wonderful experience to see one of my favorite films like it was presented when originally a movie theater!! I've seen this movie many many times, but appreciated the cinematography even more. And I noticed things I've never seen before. I hope TCM and Fathom Events have many more of these events. It's a great opportunity to introduce younger generations to these classic, fabulous films!
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By JeffreyFischer
Written July 03, 2015
Excellent production, riveting movie and this was the 2nd time we had seen it without interruption. Current film makers could learn a lot from watching Casablanca-- it is more than the chemistry of great actors.
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Not an empty seat in the theater

By sobeckp
Written March 22, 2012
As Time Goes By was my wedding song and even though we've watched the DVD so many times we thought it would be cool to see it in the theater. I was surprised by how crowded it was and happy to see so many people coming out on a weeknight for a Classic. I think TCM had a great idea and I thoroughly enjoyed and so did everyone else. There were claps and cheers at the end of the film, which does not happen often with movies today.
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Casablanca One of the Best Movies Ever!

By Brownla
Written March 22, 2012
The rerelease of Casablanca for its 70 anniversary serves as a reminder to anyone who attended; just how great a movie can be! A time before colorization and special effects! It was Hollywood's heyday; when actors were thespians. A period when interesting dialog and great story line was all that was needed to capture the audience attention and keep them riveted at the edge of their seat. Casablanca is truly one of the best movies of all time! Take the whole family or go on a date, you'll be glad you did!
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By oldben1972
Written March 22, 2012
I had seen this movie dozens of times at home on DVD. Funny thing, I was the only person in the house that ever wanted to watch it. So, it was a new experience watching with a crowd. I never realized how much I laughed and some of the lines until I heard the crowd laugh along with me. So, not only was it great to see on the big screen for the first time, it truly was a great movie going experience. Highly recommending it for people who have seen it or have never seen it. GREAT MOVIE.
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