Taxi Driver (1976) Synopsis
A disturbed New York cabby (Robert De Niro) befriends a teen hooker (Jodie Foster).
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Taxi Driver

By rrose_selavy
You lookin' at me??...

De Niro- the genius

By redyeah
Few actors have the type of passion for their craft as De Niro. he actually drove aa cab for this role. One can only imagine how he prepared mentally. He is the quintessential antihero in this movie....

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By UrsaLuna
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By gibsonclifford456
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By dmaze98
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Deserved Classic

By Neeerpadurp
DeNiro and Scorsese at the top of their games. Essential viewing....

Taxi Driver

By Brian Rodden
Taxi Driver is one of Martin Scorsese best films. Robert De Niro also gives one of his best performances. The print that we saw was incredible. My DVD at home is no where near the quality we saw on...

Great presentation of a great movie!

By trp198521
Again, this shows why digital presentation--specially when it's projected using the highest form of resolution--should be the norm, even for films shot on regular 35mm film stock. There were hardly...

You talkin to me?

By roberson2013
Strengths: Robert De Niro's performance is dark, bizarre, and somehow amusing. Having been to New York City myself, I can tell you what you see in that movie is something to believe. Hookers invading...

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Rated R
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Portrait of a very disturbed man; NOT for kids.
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