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By wchoe419
Written December 05, 2012
I've always been a fan of Tarantino and I thought this would a great chance to see one of earlier movies on the big screen! I had never seen the movie before. It was awesome to see the old trailers and just cool info about how he got started in this industry before the movie started. I really felt like I got to glimpse into the past. Very well done!
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When does the movie start?

By donut1005
Written January 27, 2015
Enjoyed the movie. Had already seen it. It's Tarantino. You've already made up your mind by now. However, I am rating the "event". Fathom is really proud of themselves for putting this on. From the time when the movie was supposed to start at 7:00 PM, they showed 30 minutes of advertising telling us how cool they are. Some of it repeated. Mind numbing. Then there was another 30 minutes of Tarantino trivia, and trailers for all of his movies, and ads to buy his 95 disc, bluray, special amazing edition of all of his movies in one box set. We've seen all of these movies, we don't need to see the trailers again. That is what Youtube is for. Finally the movie started an hour after of waiting. Will I go to another one of these events knowing all of this? Maybe. But, thanks to assigned seating, I have no motivation to show up on time.
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Reservoir Dogs

By reswim
Written March 30, 2015
AMAZING! Masterful, action packed, and raw. 2 thumbs up...hopefully they don't get chopped off by Mr. White. ;)
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Best Movie Experience

By c.orecchio
Written April 26, 2015
Watching Reservoir Dogs in theaters was like finally having sex with your wife on your wedding day. All these things you liked about her are enhanced and amplified by passion and nostalgia. You notice things about her that she probably doesn't even know. You are now one and you will be thinking about this experience for days after the climax. I just hope the mistress, Pulp Fiction, is just as good in bed as my first love.
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Still Powerful at 20

By Princess Leah
Written January 26, 2015
One night only event so I feel mean giving it a 'Must Go!' rating--you can't go. It was last night. I had only seen this movie on the small screen so it was a wonderful experience seeing it in a theater with an audience. The violence has a greater impact, the storytelling holds up even if you have seen the film before. This might be my favorite Tarantino movie, although not my favorite of his scripts (that would be True Romance). There is nothing to say about the movie that has not already been said. The coming attractions that played before the movie were very fun. I could have done without the short feature filled with talking heads all praising QT but, other than that, a very good night at the movies.
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