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Very Good Presentation!

By Shamiam
Written December 07, 2012
Very good movie. This is Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut. This movie was a good look into the mind set of how Tarantino thinks. There are no other movies quite like this. While this movie is filled with blood, guts, & violence, Tarantino does an excellent job of developing the characters to the point that the plot shines and make the blood, guts, & violence bearable. Very good directorial debut. It was well worth bringing this back to the big screen.
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Great, geat, great, great!!!

By chriscuster
Written December 06, 2012
Had a great time watching Reservoir Dogs' re-release at a good theator. Such a classic, and the interviews and short documentary about the film's original beginnings were great. Definitely a must-experience for Tarantino fans.
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Great movie and trailers, interviews less so

By AgateKing
Written December 05, 2012
Was extremely happy to finally see "Reservoir Dogs" on the biog screen, and loved Q's choice of trailers. However, the interviews were mostly with people no one cares about. Would have loved to have heard from Quentin or some of the stars of the movie -- even Eddie Bunker, if he's still alive. Behind-the-scenes people are nice, but I wanted to hear from Keitel, Buscemi, Roth and Madsen. Or even some of the people who didn;t get roles in the movie, like Christopher Walken and James Woods. Hoping the "Pulp Fiction" interviews are better.
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Best Movie Experience

By c.orecchio
Written December 06, 2012
Watching Reservoir Dogs in theaters was like finally having sex with your wife on your wedding day. All these things you liked about her are enhanced and amplified by passion and nostalgia. You notice things about her that she probably doesn't even know. You are now one and you will be thinking about this experience for days after the climax. I just hope the mistress, Pulp Fiction, is just as good in bed as my first love.
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Tarantino at his best

By Kilgi
Written December 06, 2012
Tarantino is a genius and Reserviour Dogs is a masterpiece! A great script and cast shot in interesting ways with great witty dialogue. This is a must see film!
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