Still good after 20 yrs

By pitt59
Written July 26, 2016
Great movie, its been at least 15 years since I have seen this movie and it is still as good as I remember. Tarantinos break out role.
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Reservoir Dogs 20th Anniversary

By sashasrm
Written May 01, 2017
Seeing Reservoir Dogs on the big screen for the first time was amazing. Everything great about the film was even bigger and better when larger than life. Flip side: the problems with the film are also accentuated. Like those first 15 mins of dialogue in the warehouse between Keitel and Buscemi -- so painful! Have never been sure if it's realism gone wrong or the god-awful mic-ing in that space, or both. Fortunately, in a moment of inspired planning - or editing suite brilliance - the movie already started strong. The movie really takes off when the camera pulls back to reveal Michael Madsen. Oh Mr. Blonde! As opposed to villains we love to hate -- he's the one we hate to love. The coolest cat in crazy torture town. Everyone else is great as well,though overdone at times. Especially Tim Roth, who has broadest range to play. Non-linear story telling genius! Saw it with someone who didn't know what he was getting into, and didn't love it. But for QT and film fans, its a must.
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Great movie and trailers, interviews less so

By AgateKing
Written June 27, 2016
Was extremely happy to finally see "Reservoir Dogs" on the biog screen, and loved Q's choice of trailers. However, the interviews were mostly with people no one cares about. Would have loved to have heard from Quentin or some of the stars of the movie -- even Eddie Bunker, if he's still alive. Behind-the-scenes people are nice, but I wanted to hear from Keitel, Buscemi, Roth and Madsen. Or even some of the people who didn;t get roles in the movie, like Christopher Walken and James Woods. Hoping the "Pulp Fiction" interviews are better.
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Even Better on the BIG SCREEN!!!

By gsmartinez33
Written October 25, 2016
Reservoir Dogs is one of those films that most folks (included myself) didn't have the opportunity to watch on the big screen. Although, I've watched this film million times on DVD. The big screen experience blow that away!
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Rare Oppourtunity

By Shelltoedkid
Written December 09, 2016
It was really great to see this movie in a Theater. It is one of my all time favorites, and a timeless Classic. I was a little bored when they decided to run a 15 Minute Segment about the Making of the film, but I was stoked when they aired some select Previews from the 70's that Quentin Tarantino personally selected to be aired before this.
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