By heynowhittman
Written June 25, 2016
THANK YOU Fathom Events for doing this! Not only was it great to see 1 of the most brilliant cinematic masterpieces ever on the big screen, but the interviews with the cast, trivia and other previews were cool as hell! I only wish there was some interviews with Q, he is a genius! Loved Pulp Fiction, still holds up after all these years!!
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Ultimate Pulp

By MustSee88
Written April 26, 2015
I have seen this movie millions of times and the big screen brought a whole new dynamic. I noticed and realized things I had never seen or thought of before in the comfort of my own home! I loved Quentin's personal touch of picking out the "previews" before the movie started. It was also interesting to hear the audience's reactions, especially from those Pulp virgins in the theatre. If this ever happens for another Tarantino flick, I WILL BE THERE!
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Pulp Fiction

By PaulaMV
Written February 11, 2016
What an amazing trip down memory lane, watching Pulp Fiction at the theater. My all time favorite movie, now passed on to the next generation...brought my 14-year old son. SLJ's character, Jules, is among the very best in movie history. I could listen to Jules pontificate all day.
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Best movie ever

By goldiesbest
Written October 25, 2016
It was so great to see Pulp Fiction on the Big Screen again. Seriously one of the best movies EVER so why not? Then the added insite into the history of the filiming and into Tarentino's private files was thrilling. And Travolta and Uma - no matter how many times I see it, their one evening date is the best played/acted/written scene in history. Well worth three hours of my time during the busy holiday season. Woke up this morning still thrill that I went.
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Pulp Fiction

By patklapper
Written January 18, 2017
The movie was incredible, as always. Loved seeing it on the big screen again. But the company that promotes the event made us wait for ONE HOUR before seeing the movie in order to promote their own company. Shameful, selfish and stupid. We almost walked out before the movie even started! Keep it reasonable, you turned everyone OFF.
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