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By johnanderson286
Written April 22, 2015
This movie is soooooo good! When I walked out of the movie I said this is the BEST movie ever! And now I believe myself
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By ryankeith1205
Written May 07, 2015
Best animated movie since Finding Nemo!
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By sydneyfairy
Written March 16, 2014
The film was awesome! Ever since I seen it in theaters when I was 5 and 3 quarters, I loved it. It's still my favorite movie. Yes, it beat Monsters University, it beat Mr. Peabody, it even beat the huge success, Frozen. I loved Frozen and Tangled so much that I'm going to make a full- length crossover called Power BFFs. Link to trailer: [BLOCKED WEBSITE] The 9 Year Old Movie Critic, Isabelle
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By Iseeeverymovie
Written November 27, 2010
We walked out after less than ten minutes: in fact the minute Rapunzel started to sing. It sounded like warmed over WICKED, which in original form was bad enough. The Fairy Tale was told wrong. The animation was grossly computer generated when we were expecting something at least a little like "real" Disney. I don't know, we just hated it and it was the youngest member of the group who initiated the "let's leave" idea. Save your money, rent or buy a DVD of the restored Snow White and watch real animation magic! ISEEEVERYMOVIE
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By MarineSis
Written November 25, 2010
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