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Took 5 kids - all liked it

By kasehriooenk
Written November 25, 2010
Ages 3-9 - boys and girls. All of them liked it. Saw it in 2-D and even the adults enjoyed it. Action and peril, but recovers nicely from all "scary" scenes.
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By JohnOlson
Written December 05, 2010
Excellent, just excellent. The pacing, the plot, the artwork is superb, the songs were very fun. Easy for all ages to enjoy. Plenty of laughs. A wicked witch, very spunky girl, rogue with a heart. Watch out for the Snuggly Bunny!
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Five Word Review

By TripThreat
Written December 04, 2010
DISNEY TripleThreat Music! COMEDY! Beautiful!
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By tangledhair7
Written November 25, 2010
This was the most Precious movie I have seen since I was a Child! All the Disney Movies when I was a Kid were so innocent and memorable for me! I want my Kids to see things like this! The story was so Precious and the Characters were so realistic all the way down to their fingernails! Loved it! And of course so did the Kids! Sincerely, Mrs Carter (Texas)
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Does Anyone Need Popocorn

By DavidOPorter
Written January 04, 2011
For a 6 to 8 yeard old girl, this probably was not a bad flick. As a Dad, I couldnt wait for it to end. I couldnt wait for the popocorn to run out so I cound go get more.
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