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Hi, how you doin' hahaha

By arealdisneyprincess
Written December 30, 2010
I was raised on Disney movies. Every time a Disney movie comes out, I am so there! Tangled was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! It will definitely be a Disney Classic. The music is awesome, the storyline is adorable. Mandy Moore and Zach Levi have such good chemistry, even as animated characters! It was touching yet hilarious. You really get to fall in love with the characters. Flynn is handsome and debonaire and CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo marrying him (just kidding). The music is very show tunes-y. The first time I saw it, I wasn't really wowed by the music, but the second time, I bought it off of Itunes! I hope it gets turned into a Broadway Musical. This movie is definitely a bit edgier than most Disney films but that just keeps you wanting more. This is probably, dare I say, The Best Movie of the Year!!!!!!!! With the twist at the end, you will be crying your eyes out (I did). I'm going to see it for my 4th time today!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tangled Review

By Derrick Deane
Written December 30, 2014
Tangled starts out innocently enough, giving us that familiar Disney storyline of the evil mother and the child who is forbidden to follow her dreams. There's a lot of singing in the beginning, the usual Disney-type musical fare. But then with the combination of great humor and fun action sequences, this movie really takes off. The lantern sequence is absolutely beautifully aniamted and the the ending is very touching. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and HIGHLY recommend it. Just skip the 3D as it's not worth the extra money for this movie.
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A must see

Written December 04, 2010
I am so glad we went to see this movie. I took my 10 year old and 14 year old daughters. We LOVED this movie. We saw it in 3D which only added to the how great this movie was. The characters are extremely likeable (except for the ones you want to hate!) The story was adorable, even though you know exactly how this all ends, you enjoy every minute of this ride.The humor was so unexpected for this type of movie-we laughed and laughed. Like I said, I am so glad we went!
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By jsholer
Written December 02, 2010
I saw this movie with my 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter and all three of us LOVED it. It had plenty of action and comedy for my son and a princess and animals (horse & chameleon) for my daughter. I loved the storyline and the fact that for once Disney makes a princess strong and independent and capable of saving herself.
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Tangled was great

By stink_eye67
Written November 26, 2010
Enjoyed the movie. It was very entertaining and had its really nice moments in it. It had its scary parts for our 3 year old, but she enjoyed it very much! Can't wait for it to come out on DVD and we'll make sure to add it to our collection of other Pixar/Disney movies.
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