Five Word Review

By rinrin
Written December 02, 2010
Definite must see! Very funny!
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Tangled Fun

By gatheringwoman
Written November 26, 2010
I took my niece to see this in 3D - what a great time we had. Disney has done a great job with the songs, the characters and the animation. The villains are easily recognizable without being too scary for the tiny tykes in the audience. I don't know if the story gains or loses anything with the 3D touch, but who doesn't love seeing little ones trying to touch the 3D images as they appear to float right in front of them. Plenty of humor for both kids and adults. A great new spin on the familiar tale of Rapunzel. This is sure to become a Disney classic.
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Pffffff 2~D movies Haha.... I laugh.

By graciesmommy
Written December 05, 2010
So I wanted some mom and daughter time between me and my awesome 5 year old. So I bought my fisrt 3~D tickets to Tangled. We are a VERY big Disney family. So I was so excited to see another musical Diney. We bought our tickets for the matinee( gees still an arm and a leg) Bought a few snacks and got ready for the movie , we sat with our 3~D glasses on waiting. First the previews........ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the previews are in 3~D. I never knew that there were so many movies coming out in 3~D. Finally the movie started I was blown away. I am convinced 2~D sux now, it just pales. The BIG down side is the price of the tickets, hopefully the price will come down . Yet I will make an effort to see certin movies in 3~D.
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Tangled 3D

By Abby126
Written November 30, 2010
I thought the movie was fantastic! Classic Disney, quality animation and a good story line. I would recommend this movie to anyone that has kids. Even big kids (parents) will enjoy it too.
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Disney always up's its game.

By Enjjny
Written November 24, 2010
Disney movies have always enchanted us, and this new addition is no exception. With cute and adorable moments mixed in with humor and action, you can never go wrong. I would defiantly recommend this movie to all, you wont regret it. Beautiful scenery,classic disney songs, and a breathtaking lantern scene, Its a story you'll want to add to your collection :)
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