Tangerine Synopsis
A working girl tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.
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Hilarious And Heartbreaking...but mostly Hilarios!

By Liza French
This film is brilliant on so many levels. My husband and i can't stop talking about it! We want to go see it again just to watch them "walk and Talk"! The acting is fantastic down to the girl in...

Visually stunning!!!

By babybergy
This movie was not only beautifully shot, but written to illustrate the beauty and warmth behind its gritty, yet gorgeous characters. Intense and exciting! Most of all, it shows there is heart...

Hilarious but also emotional

By grosa001
This movie will keep you laughing almost the entire time, because of the script and the well-cast characters. However, there are some serious topics dealt with amidst the comedy. Not for kids. A...


By bbandryry
Didn't really know what I picked to watch. But it was funny unexpecting and Different. Really enjoyed the love that the friendship had. ????????...

It was Great!

By Mustachelover895
I loved the plot of the whole movie!This movie kept me on the edge of my chair just waiting to see what happened next!The movie had so many unexpected events which made it really good!...

Interesting...definitly not ha ha!!

By sergezimberoff
Not sure which movie other reviewers saw but 'hilarious' certainly does not apply to this film. Very thought provoking and edifying with lots to discuss afterwards. Four stars because actors did a...

Audience favorite

By everyweek60706
Went to a lot of trouble to see this - well worth it. One lady was yelling at the characters. Many people laughed. It's not just funny. Somewhere it was reported this was shot entirely on...

By wukagyal
Real, Raw and extremely entertaining....



Great Fun

By peonyshima
The story is simple. The characters have depth and you genuinely become attached to them over time. The filming and editing is unusual - different views of the same scene, pace changes, and...

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Rated R | For Strong and Disturbing Sexual Content, Graphic Nudity, Language Throughout, and Drug Use