Tales from the Script Synopsis
Screenwriters share war stories about their experiences in the film industry.
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Tales from the Script

By jcardwell
Peter Hanson's great expose on the screenwriting game....

The writer is the star

By baysidescribe
A must see for any aspiring screenwriter. Learns the joys (apparently few) and pitfalls (apparently many) in being a screenwriter in Hollywood. In depth,thoughtful and often funny interviews with many...

Tales From the Script

By JonGon
I purchased tickets, but I didn't get to see the movie. We had a mother cat who was hit and killed by a car. I had to rush home to take care of a very weak baby kitty and three other orphaned...

Go... if you're interested in a career in screenwriting

By paintwlight
Though very well done, this film is definitely only for aspiring/working screenwriters -- or people interested in the behind-the-scenes mechanics of filmmaking, specifically the Hollywood film...

Tales from the Script

By slammer7
Great movie! Very funny and informative especially for those people who are screenwriters or directors....

Funny and Insightful

By mibtp
A MUST SEE for any screenwriter, filmmaker or movie lover who wants the inside scoop on the hills and valleys that it takes to write a screenplay. A lot of talking heads... but very funny and...

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