very Nice Movie (4/5 stars)

By lodoewith
Written December 01, 2012
5 things i wanna point out about the movie: 1st: Movie is pretty slow .. not much action's going on. 2nd: but every single shot relates with the use restroom before the movie or during the interval. 3rd: All of these 3 superStars have acted very well 4th: It's little different than Amir's any other movies 5th: Rani's role could be little wider and better Final thought, through out the whole movie, it made me TO THINK about the climax (which i, somehow, predicted correctly).. and i really kindda liked it.
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Decent movie

By gizmolover007
Written December 02, 2012
Overall I liked the movie. After reading mixed reviews I went with low expectations and wasn't completely disappointed. But one thing is for sure that it doesn't live up to the high standards we have come to expect of Aamir Khan. The two sides of the movie haven't been tied together well. The suspense isn't as intriguing and pace slows down several times. All the three lead characters have performed very well but I guess the story and particularly screenplay has fallen short. Can't credit the director for a great job either.
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Decent suspense flick!

By mptyspace
Written December 02, 2012
Talaash is a taut, engaging, suspense drama (not thriller) which is a decent watch on a dull winter day. Given its an Aamir movie after 3 years, expectations are sky high and Talaash doesn't disappoint. At the same time it is not a cult, genre defining effort for Bollywood cinema. The mystery, which is an integral part of the movie, is interwoven between 2 (or three - depending on how you look at it) interwoven stories which run in parallel and provide you with a satisfying climax. Script is tight, dialogues apt and performances are solid. However, there is nothing exceptional, groundbreaking here as you expect from an Aamir Khan movie. Definite watch....but does not stand against Kahani (from any perspective), a film it has been related to long before its release. The difference between good and great....
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By sreejith1978
Written December 02, 2012
surprise can be surprisingly good or surprisingly bad and this is one movie where i am not sure which category this movie belongs to. Its like you like aamir khan or hate aamir khan but you cannot ignore aamir khan and i still belong to the fan category. Liked the music which was situational and suited the whole mood of the movie...good performances...specially nawazuddin and aamir...worth a watch
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A different kind of Hindi movie

By BollyDon
Written December 08, 2012
The movie moves at a slow pace, but manages to keep the tension throughout. The ending is a bit weak. This is not your typical masala movie. Overall great performance by all the actors, well directed and edited film. Must see it once.
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