Good acting. Screenplay could be tighter

By log_deepak
Written May 27, 2017
The movie starts promisingly with a realistic portrayal of Mumbai avoiding the glamorized versions presented by the typical movies. The suspense is held tight till the intermission despite the parallel inner stories. However the director let's the screenplay run a bit loose after the interval with too many deviations from the main story that leaves you yawning at certain points. However Amir, Rani and some of the supporting actors keep the movie alive with their good acting. Overall, a good watch albeit not unforgettable.
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Unexpected from Amir, but concept well presented

By amol
Written September 27, 2016
Acting by all three whoswho starcast is great. Usually Kareena has a plastic coat over her acting, but here she has shed that routine. Amir & Rani are spot on .... Great work. Must watch!!
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Predictable simple nothing great

By rkpantangi
Written June 26, 2016
had hight expectations from Aamir. THis is simple and straight story.. no big suspense thriller..
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Uncompromising... Not your typical Bollywood fare

By apranga
Written October 26, 2016
Fantastic performances by Aamir, Nawaazuddin Siddiqui and Rani Mukherjee. A break from the typical song-dance routines...Disciplined and effective screenplay and direction. Definitely a GO... Almost a must go - if only, the suspense was a little more layered...
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By devarshiu
Written January 23, 2017
This was by far one of the best moving this year from Bollywood. Amir Khan at his best, one of those movies that keeps you on the edge of the seat. This one is for the theater..
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