Poor man's Bourne

By kmoney51
Written January 25, 2009
Liam does a great job portraying an ex military man as this film starts with a bang and doesn't end till the credits role. Sure it's hard to believe a one-man army taking on an entire operation inside a foreign country but come on, it's a MOVIE. If I wanted drama i'd go see the reader. Despite the hard-to-believe stunt sequences, "Taken" takes you on a non-stop thrill ride full of action. He may be a little over the hill at this point but Liam Neeson has the perfect demeanor throughout complete with the gold-digging ex-wife & unappreciative kid. Makes you think twice about being a parent, if you rich that is, on sending that kid overseas without supervision. All in all I was impressed with this movie & will see it again in the US when it opens next week.
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By angiegirl8709
Written March 13, 2009
By far one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. My boyfriend and I go see almost every movie that comes out, and lately there have been alot of let downs. But this movie was absolutely amazing. It's something that can actually happen in real life.. so it gets you thinking and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Pretty much a movie that ANYONE can enjoy. I'd definetely recommend making this your #1 choice as a much see!!
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By michelleloson
Written January 17, 2009
My husband and already have a copy of this on dvd from a friend. the movie was pretty good deff action with a little bit of mystery. acting was pretty good however the ending was pretty predictable from the middle of the movie. overall im glad that i didnt have to pay to see this movie but i would have pay to see it, if i didnt already. i wouldnt say that you must see it in theaters prob wait to see it when it comes out for those who arent sure if they want to see it or not!
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By mansriot
Written February 06, 2009
If you've read other reviews then you've come across at least two common observations: That it starts slow and that it acts like a Bourne flick. After reading them myself then seeing the movie, I can honestly say that the "slow start" comments are really stemming from the fact that you are seeing Liam play a poor and almost broken man, with no foothold in regards to his daughter's life who is blatantly reminded of that fact very early in the film. I didn't think it was slow, I thought it was a very hard thing to see, to stomach- and that is what made it feel slow. As for the Bourne comparison, Liam's character met that intensity, shot it's wife, threatened to make orphans of it's children and then stepped past the drawn line with some utterly bad*** command decisions.
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By glogoes
Written February 06, 2009
The fight scenes were good. The movie was a B MOVIE SCRIPT. I COULD HAVE WRITTEN IT. But if you watch it for entertainment value it is okay.
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