Great Movie, Lots of Action

Written August 28, 2016
This is one of Liam's best films. He does exceptionally well in this and for a rare occasion you see a little bit of humor from him at the end. Most of his roles are strictly gang bang and see yaaaaa. Well acted, fast paced, would see again....
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Taken 2 where ??

By george000007
Written February 10, 2016
The movie is a short experience from the 1st one there are hardly any movies that can make the 1st movie hype and although this one didnt out do the 1st one it was still a good movie for me.
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I loved this movie!

By ktmizhere
Written October 06, 2015
I was a big fan of Taken and I was skeptical this sequel would be good. I loved it! They did leave it set up for a third but I think it would be stretching the story line a bit. Two was perfect and I am happy I went to see this!
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Liam gets sloppy. James Bond was never sloppy to make an action movie.

By eyeseemovie
Written May 24, 2016
How can they keep making a series when the main character gets sloppy. Prolly just bad writing if you have to make the lead war machine getting incompetant. He leaves his daughter alone in a foreign country when he goes out. He misses guys in the lobby staking him out, which are same nationality as who he fought before. He lets his wife out to roam the streets and fend for herself. He tells her to contact the hotel security as soon as she gets there. But when he calls his daughter to warn her, he never call hotels security also.
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it's just too, too, too much...

By dal4444
Written September 29, 2016
I thought that Liam would be in something more subtle and sophisticated, that is why I went to see this one....turns out that it's chock full of violence upon violence upon violence...and not even the particularly viewable/believable type, e.g., the human fights two men going after each other or a series of men going after one man....the action was so confused that it was impossible to see particular blows, blocked hits, etc.... overall: really disappointed....I walked out of the theatre feeling beat up
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