Taken 2 was great!

Written September 16, 2014
I definitely recommend if you were a fan of the 1st one. It does sort of start out slow and whatnot, but it gets your heart racing once it starts getting to the main points. I don't want to spoil anything for those of you that haven't seen it. but i say...MUST WATCH!
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Should have left it with just one Taken

By elkieg
Written September 30, 2014
This movie was not worth seeing. It was just an excuse for a shoot em up watch Liam Neeson kill 20 more bad guys while his wife and daughter watch. Don't bother going.
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Taken 2

By jcbrabbs
Written December 17, 2014
Taken 2 is just an extended story of Taken...it feels almost like it is the same movie just a short period into the future from where Taken ended. Same characters and a continuation of the original movie. Lots of action, suspense and beatings. I enjoyed.
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The first one is always better as they say

By shadow2day
Written November 29, 2014
taken 2 has a different feel to it not that same as the first one.. i seen the first one not in theater but it was way better the feel to it was completely different i still like it tho but not that as much as the first one.
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By tblaze123
Written July 29, 2014
Maybe I expected too much because the first movie was so good, but this one didn't even come close. There were just too many unbelievable things happening. He's good, but no one is that good or that lucky. It just didn't ring true at all.
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