Taken 2 was great!

Written February 26, 2015
I definitely recommend if you were a fan of the 1st one. It does sort of start out slow and whatnot, but it gets your heart racing once it starts getting to the main points. I don't want to spoil anything for those of you that haven't seen it. but i say...MUST WATCH!
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taken 2

By citram76
Written September 19, 2014
if you really likes action movies this is a must go movie is good, it keeps you holding on to your chair or your partners arm, I like the direction it has the same action as the first one
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Taken 2 where ??

By george000007
Written December 29, 2014
The movie is a short experience from the 1st one there are hardly any movies that can make the 1st movie hype and although this one didnt out do the 1st one it was still a good movie for me.
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And kim returns the favor!

By MoviefanLucas
Written December 29, 2014
When i first heard about taken 2 i thought it was going to be dumb but now that i've seen it i actually enjoyed it a lot! It's kimd of the same thimg as the first one but i LOVED the first one so more of the same thing was no preoblem for me. I felt this one kim (maggie grace) had a lot bigger part which i enjoyed and i won't spoil anything but lets just say she's following her dads footsteps!. Liam neeson is the same old liam neeson that weve grown to love so that was expected but this was a all around fun sequel 8.5/10
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A good movie, but way too short!!

By scoot1105
Written January 29, 2015
The first movie was better(as it is usually with sequels), but i did enjoy it. I know one thing: I wouldn't even dream of messin with Brian Mills, or his family!!! That man don't play!! My only problem with the movie is IT WAS TOO SHORT!! Barely 90 minutes!! I'm sure they could've added a little more action (20-25 minutes) into the movie. Overall, it was a good movie to see and i enjoyed it!!
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