Action with a story line

By josephcarol
Written August 28, 2014
This movied was not only action packet,but it also had a movie line. I washed Taken, part 2 was just as good as the oringinal.
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Taken 2

By Burgerbum
Written August 03, 2015
This movie has a great storyline and fails to deliver a very good movie to go with it. This movie mearly rides the popularity of the first one without add anything new into itself.
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Defies Sequels Reputation

By gsoglenn
Written May 22, 2015
Producers took a good movie and expanded it into a sequel. And this time it worked quite well. While the first 1/2 hour was sort of sleepy, once the action began, it was a thrill ride to the end. A few flashbacks from the original Taken were presented to refresh our memories (or to inform the non-viewers of the original) were at a minimum but became helpful in recalling the original victims. Lots of action and script was plausible. Good show.
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Should have left it with just one Taken

By elkieg
Written May 07, 2015
This movie was not worth seeing. It was just an excuse for a shoot em up watch Liam Neeson kill 20 more bad guys while his wife and daughter watch. Don't bother going.
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Not Bad for a Sequel

By LadyB14
Written February 01, 2015
The movie lived up to it's original thrill but because it was the second we expected to see a heavier plot. At times, the lines/scenes seemed very predictable. Also, the movie was rather short and we wanted to see more. However, we still say go. It is a good movie that won't be a waste of your $14.
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