I was not that taken by "Taken 2"

By ebert24
Written October 06, 2012
All sequels suffer the pains of trying to equal or surpass their original and most do not succeed. This movie fails to equal its original. The plot is very predictable, the acting is flat, even Liam himself looks bored. You can see in his face that he knows this movie is a failure but hey, it pays the bills so he did it anyway. I can't blame him. The villains die promptly as usual - it quickly became boring to watch. The attempts at humor were well just very sad and painful to see. So for these reasons I would save your money and not see this movie. And it pains me to give this movie a negative review because I am a major fan of Liam. However if you want some real Liam at his best in survival mode see "The Grey" and skip "Taken 2".
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Action with a story line

By josephcarol
Written October 08, 2012
This movied was not only action packet,but it also had a movie line. I washed Taken, part 2 was just as good as the oringinal.
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Taken 2

By jplouis03
Written October 14, 2012
I took my wife to see the movies and it was great. There was more action and more involvement from his ex-wife and daughter. The movie was just incredible. Can't wait until comes out on the DVD.
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Why I thought Taken 2 was just okay!

By lwrestler
Written October 05, 2012
Often the first is better. In this case that applied. It left room for a 3rd movie. I did enjoy how the daughter was able to be of great assistance, was brave and could follow her father's (as he called it Compulsive ways) which I could relate to. It was as you expected and rated Violent.I would not recommend it. Unfortunately you can only come up with so many angles and it was used the first time.
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A thrill ride

By jacobfrommd
Written October 06, 2012
This is not an exaggeration: The movie is so suspenseful and thrilling that the guy next to me started sweating and I could smell his body odor. Yes, some of it is unrealistic, but who cares. It was awesome!
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