Taken 2

By Belinda_loves_movies
Written October 20, 2012
Not as good as the first, and it was pretty much a repeat. I loved the 1st one but not this one. I feel like they didn't even try to make a different movie. If my boyfriend would not have drug me to it we would have went and seen house at the end of the street witch I still have not seen because they keep coming out with all theses man movies!!
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Relatively Excellent

By BigJon5050
Written October 06, 2012
If the original Taken was one of your all time favorite movies and you counted the days until the premier of Taken 2 then like me you will be impressed but not swept off your feet - as was the case with Taken 1. The action was good but it just lacked something that the original had in spades; not sure what that something was. All in all, this was a great movie and I would go see it again. My complaints stem from my perfectionism and you should definitely go see it. Top 2 movies I've seen this year (Batman was #1).
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Passing the Time

By loumendez
Written October 24, 2012
Movie was good enough to make an afternoon work. The plot is getting a bit repetitive and tedious - hope no fool will make Taken 3. Neeson at his best always but one runs out of patience with the somewhat erratic behavior of his daughter.. again. See it for the fun or wait for it at Netflix
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Kept My Level of Interest the Entire Movie

By ty8872
Written October 08, 2012
Taken 2 was a great movie. It was sort of predictive as far as what was going to happen since seeing the first one but nevertheless I enjoyed it.
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Great sequel/great characters

By spacedoc
Written October 05, 2012
Everything it was supposed to be. I feel I knowMills and his family well. Taken 3 sure to come if it makes money and my theater was packed. Set up by the two sons left alive
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