Taken was better.

By trayes
Written March 24, 2017
When I first saw the trailer for Taken 2, It was like watching the trailer for Taken all over again, but I gave the movie a chance by going to see it anyways. I basically was right. I felt like Taken 2 was nowhere near as action packed as the first, It was actually kind of slow through most of the movie. The parts that were action packed were hard to follow, it was hard to adjust my eyes and be able to see what was going on because everything was moving so quick. And the movie seemed to be over very fast. I won't be seeing this movie again, or buying this one.
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Taken 2

By Dutton Road
Written April 28, 2017
My 17 and 13-year old boys saw this movie, and they both enjoyed it and said it was well worth the price of the ticket. The only negative comment they shared was that some of the action scenes (bodily injury or a death) didn't seem to "add up". But, overall, they enjoyed the movie, and they both gave it a thumb's up.
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Taken 2

By moviedickhead
Written May 23, 2017
I just wanted to get out of the apartment and go to a theater with my wife and see a movie. This movie was not worth the money we had to pay to see it. Story line dumb, photography decent, chase scene good, action editing good. overall C+. Beware of any movie with a 2 in the title.
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By Peneflix
Written February 24, 2017
A great looking cast cannot save this action flick from resonating as one of the top "bombs" of the year; nonsensical, implausible, laughably ridiculous. Liam Nesson, ageing nicely, is again recreating the role of "Bryan Mills" an ex-CIA operative; "Taken" revolved around the kidnapping of his daughter "Kim" (Maggie Grace) by an Albanian sex trafficking cabal; titillating, spine-tingling scenario made this a fun, fascinating movie experience... "Taken 2" had a difficult time deciding on who was to be "taken"; Mills? Ex-wife, "Lenore" (Famke Jansson)? Kim? Actually after twenty minutes, it hardly mattered. It is spring break and mother/daughter surprise Mills in Istanbul, Turkey; they are being stalked by the father and his fraternity killers, seeking revenge for the death of sons/brothers killed by Mills in "Taken"... 1 & 1/2 STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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Disappointing, like most sequels

By simondavid
Written March 24, 2017
The original was much better. Most action movies have aspects that are far fetched but this one was downright ridiculous at moments. The cast was good and fun to watch as in the original.
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