Taken 2

By Ms. Nicolette
Written August 26, 2014
I am a huge fan of Liam Neeson, so when we went to see this we were expecting something more. It was great, but, it seemed to be missing something. I guess because he is getting older he doesn't move like he used to. You want action, go see it--those parts of the movie are great!! Also, I have to agree with one of the viewers that it was the same of nothing special. They should have done something special with how and why they were coming after them. And what happened to the ex-wife's marriage? They seemed to be so in-love?!?!
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By zfundora
Written July 25, 2014
Great movie to see. It's suspenseful, no exposure of women in any wrong way, amazing crash scenes, camera shoots were great and so was the acting. MUST SEE!
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This is not a Horror Film

By ZiggyZeegs
Written October 09, 2012
It's a good movie. The plot moves along at a good pace and never lags. This was an expertly done film. Considering that I did not see Taken first, the second installment didn't leave me lost. If you go to see this film, you will enjoy it!
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Taken 2 Experience!

By videoking147
Written October 02, 2014
You may love the first one better but you have never seen anything like this! An action packed film filled with a vengeance! Don't mess with LIam Neeson (Bryan Mills).
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Another great Liam Neeson movie

By jwbnah
Written October 19, 2012
The first Taken was great and I always worry about sequels. This movies was great. It was exciting, fast moving and classic Liam Neeson. Critics do not like movies that are just good entertainment, which this one is.
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