Taken 2

By awilda417
Written August 28, 2016
I love the first movie Taken. Taken 2 was almost as good. As for me I always think the first movie of any sequel is the best what I can say is they had the same actor play in Taken 2 which I like.
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Taken 2

By jplouis03
Written January 21, 2017
I took my wife to see the movies and it was great. There was more action and more involvement from his ex-wife and daughter. The movie was just incredible. Can't wait until comes out on the DVD.
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Good, but not great!

By PharmacistNeil
Written October 22, 2016
Basically the film starts where it left off from the first "Taken". You would think ex wife and daughter learn from their previous situation, but no. They manage to get into the same situation, but with a little twist. During that time off from the previous movie, Liam Neeson's character was able to hone his mapping skills using just his watch, listening for nearby auditory cues, and have someone else (I won't say who) throw random grenades. I wouldn't have mind watching this when it comes out on BluRay, but it was okay.
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Taken 2

By robertmbuxton
Written August 30, 2016
I realy liked this film. Foirst of all I like Luc Besson ad Liam Nesson. here was so much suspense and Neeson is just such a realistc actor. He is that good. Besson is the best. Magguie Grace is so cool. I think the cast and the idea of a family ding all tis CIA stuff is ingenious as they are so together and love each other. I thought it was funny to see Maggie drive thru Isanbul like a mad waman stockcar Danica Partrck and then pass her driving test in LA. One very cool film. Liam should win a nomination for best actror and Luc Besson for best writer screenplay. Roberrt Buxton
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Exactly what I expetcted

By dannybaranowski
Written January 16, 2017
If you liked Taken 1, Taken 2 will deliver. I thought Taken 1 was a little cheesy but still entertaining. Taken 2 was cheesier but the killings were good and isn't that what Taken is all about anyway? The writing was good, I didn't feel it was incredibly predictable considering the type of movie it is. I am tough on movies so when I say "so-so" I still think it is worth seeing.
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