Taken2 - As far as sequels go - definitely not bad

By pochu
Written October 07, 2012
Loved the movie. Was initially not sure I would watch it because some of the reviews have not been overly positive. Guys - it is an action flick, it is not meant to be completely believable (or even remotely plausible) and if the plot is similar to the first movie no probs (it works). I watched it because we have a serous not to be messed with father, loves his family, stops at nothing to take care of his family. and has amazing skills (fighting, mental, etc). Definitely a film to be watched.
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Exactly what I expetcted

By dannybaranowski
Written October 05, 2012
If you liked Taken 1, Taken 2 will deliver. I thought Taken 1 was a little cheesy but still entertaining. Taken 2 was cheesier but the killings were good and isn't that what Taken is all about anyway? The writing was good, I didn't feel it was incredibly predictable considering the type of movie it is. I am tough on movies so when I say "so-so" I still think it is worth seeing.
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taken 2

By citram76
Written September 19, 2014
if you really likes action movies this is a must go movie is good, it keeps you holding on to your chair or your partners arm, I like the direction it has the same action as the first one
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Taken 2

By sloanschool
Written September 21, 2014
Disappointing. Especially because the first one was so good. It was great to see the same actors in their roles, but the story was not believable. The writing was poor.
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it's just too, too, too much...

By dal4444
Written October 02, 2014
I thought that Liam would be in something more subtle and sophisticated, that is why I went to see this one....turns out that it's chock full of violence upon violence upon violence...and not even the particularly viewable/believable type, e.g., the human fights two men going after each other or a series of men going after one man....the action was so confused that it was impossible to see particular blows, blocked hits, etc.... overall: really disappointed....I walked out of the theatre feeling beat up
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