Taken 2

By bettporter95
Written October 13, 2015
Taken 2 was very good. I enjoyed all aspects of the movie. Liam Neeson was wonderful and it was great to see the original cast return.
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And kim returns the favor!

By MoviefanLucas
Written November 30, 2015
When i first heard about taken 2 i thought it was going to be dumb but now that i've seen it i actually enjoyed it a lot! It's kimd of the same thimg as the first one but i LOVED the first one so more of the same thing was no preoblem for me. I felt this one kim (maggie grace) had a lot bigger part which i enjoyed and i won't spoil anything but lets just say she's following her dads footsteps!. Liam neeson is the same old liam neeson that weve grown to love so that was expected but this was a all around fun sequel 8.5/10
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Taken 2

By robertmbuxton
Written May 01, 2016
I realy liked this film. Foirst of all I like Luc Besson ad Liam Nesson. here was so much suspense and Neeson is just such a realistc actor. He is that good. Besson is the best. Magguie Grace is so cool. I think the cast and the idea of a family ding all tis CIA stuff is ingenious as they are so together and love each other. I thought it was funny to see Maggie drive thru Isanbul like a mad waman stockcar Danica Partrck and then pass her driving test in LA. One very cool film. Liam should win a nomination for best actror and Luc Besson for best writer screenplay. Roberrt Buxton
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Liam Neeson is taking over Bruce Willis's Spot

By KMercado20
Written January 28, 2015
I said this before the movie, and ironically there was a trailer for the new Die Hard, but, Liam Neeson is taking over for Bruce Willis as the resident bad ass. The movie was great, all the actors played their parts perfectly. The action was great and of course Liam Neeson is just too cool for school. But, I actually like Taken better than Taken 2. It just seemed more realistic the way things went down. I don't want to give anything away, but I had beef with the daughter driving. When you see it, you may understand the irony of her skills. However, it was still an awesome flick and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes action :)
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Taken 2

By awilda417
Written October 06, 2015
I love the first movie Taken. Taken 2 was almost as good. As for me I always think the first movie of any sequel is the best what I can say is they had the same actor play in Taken 2 which I like.
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