Taken 2 Synopsis
In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage.
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Really Good, Leim is the man

By jsjcbs
Not as good as Taken 1 but still really good. Great action, he's so good at fighting. They left room at the end for Taken 3 so let's see what happens......

Taken 2 DVD

By Darkola
If you liked the first movie alot, then chances are you will like this one because to me it is pretty much the same movie again. I actually re-watched the first movie last night to remember it as...

A Sequel Taken 2 Almost the Same Heights

By Reel Reviewer
As an avid fan of the original Taken I still have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. A half-hearted attempt at furthering the depths of the characters was made, I think, only because they...

Dave White is a blowhard

By clerk8952
First of all Dave White is an idiot for saying its too unrealistic to be believable. REALLY? Which part of the original made it believable? It must have been when Neeson has 36 hours to find his...

Actions have consequences

By mattsdomicile
This is a well thought out movie. I really enjoyed that the actions Liam Neeson's character took in the first film actually reverberated into the sequel. The stakes are made higher when his entire...

Taken 2

By Ms. Nicolette
I am a huge fan of Liam Neeson, so when we went to see this we were expecting something more. It was great, but, it seemed to be missing something. I guess because he is getting older he doesn't...

Taken 2

By lelesmom
Loved this movie. It was just as good as the first one. Liam Neeson is an incredible actor. Have been a long time fan. Highly recommend this movie....


By zfundora
Great movie to see. It's suspenseful, no exposure of women in any wrong way, amazing crash scenes, camera shoots were great and so was the acting. MUST SEE!...

This is not a Horror Film

By ZiggyZeegs
It's a good movie. The plot moves along at a good pace and never lags. This was an expertly done film. Considering that I did not see Taken first, the second installment didn't leave me lost. If...

Taken 2 Experience!

By videoking147
You may love the first one better but you have never seen anything like this! An action packed film filled with a vengeance! Don't mess with LIam Neeson (Bryan Mills)....

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense sequences of violence and action, and some sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Less violent, more sympathetic sequel delivers the thrills.
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