Wait for the DVD

By mikicagle1
Written March 06, 2011
As a teenager in the 80's I couldn't wait to see this movie, but it wasn't as funny as I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong-it's an ok movie but it seemed really really long and I was glad it was over by the end. The actors are really good, but the fat guy was just tooooooo loud at times and there wasn't much to the story line. Boy runs into high school crush 4 years after they graduate from high school, lies to her to get a date, tells her the truth after he sleeps with her, does something "dangerous" to show her he is sorry-THE END. I have to say the best part of the movie was Michael Beihn-he is still hot even at 54.
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Take me home tonight.

By KevinBlommer
Written March 12, 2011
I love this movie. If you enjoy 80's teen movies, then I'm sure you'll love this one too. It was very funny, lots of comedy. They had one of the worlds most beautiful woman TOPLESS in the token nude scene that 80's teen flicks had.(You have to go see it to find out who.) And there was a moral to the story that teens and teens at heart could take to heart. And NATALIE KELLY looks sooo hot!
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Funny Movie

By hello_kitty0887
Written March 08, 2011
Funny movie kind of reminds me of Superbad. If you love Topher Grace as Eric in That 70's Show, you will love this movie! I was shocked to see Michelle Tractenburg as a goth chick in the movie! Anna Faris and Topher Grace made great twin siblings in the movie! They were hilarious!
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Totally RAD!

By lmurilloJ77
Written March 07, 2011
Made me feel like a kid again....in the 80's.....when being a kid was uncomplicated and fun! Loved it!
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not worth paying to see it in the theater

By skoshiyobo
Written March 15, 2011
I was hoping it would be funny, at least, but no. I left feeling jipped. Hot Tub Time Machine was sooo much better if you're looking for a fun, mindless 80's throwback movie. Topher Grace is the worst actor ever.
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