Boring and predictable

By ReD3285
Written March 11, 2011
To give you an example of what people thought of it in the theater, when we were walking out of the theater, 2 people that weren't together at all yelled out, "Worst movie ever!!!" I thought it wasn't too horrible, but it was definitely pretty boring and predictable. Music was okay... story sucked. If you're really wanting to see it, I would say save your money and get it as a rental through RedBox or Netflix. Not worth movie ticket prices. Might seem better if you're not sober either.
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By cgarnsay
Written April 08, 2011
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By alenam
Written March 07, 2011
Take me home tonight could have been a hit or a miss. In my opinion it was a hit. Something that made you feel good when watching it. The mix of serious acting and hilarious acting made it feel like a real 80's flick. The kind I loved to watch growing up. A good but nerdy guy going after the girl of his dreams, with his awkwardly funny sidekick, and a few dangerous but fun misadventures in between, and he wins the gorgeous blonde. Hit!
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By jeh0221
Written March 08, 2011
It was....okay. There were a couple of funny parts, but also a lot of loose ends, and mediocre moments. Biggest disappointment of all? Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" wasn't even featured in the film.
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ALMOST A WALK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By The Real Truth
Written March 17, 2011
Bad from start to finish.If not for the supporting actors this would be in my top 10 worst movies of all time.Sorry Topher without the crew from that 70s show you are not funny at all.Rating 2 out of 10.How bad is it?Its been out 2 weeks ands its down to 1 showing in my area.
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