great start and great movement for a disappointing ending if you haven't seen the movie there might be spoilers

By shibru83
Written November 03, 2013
for this movie i would love to give credit for a great fast paced movement and great lines spoken between the two main character and it has a great message to tell but for me the ending was a bit disappointing cause it was inconsistent with the story they were telling i mean between the two main characters not the whole movie cause if you saw it from the movies message it is consistent cause they wanted to tell us that we buy things for the wrong reasons and we are not in love with the product we are in love with the image and we can deduce that just like the product she was just an image and there is no real thing about her but we saw earlier that she gave up her job for him and then at the end when it really matters she does not even tell him her name whats that all bout i mean she gave up her career and she told him about the ballet thing and then she kisses him out of no where and then when it really matters she wont yell him her real name it is disappointing ruined the movie.
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By 123747
Written April 24, 2017
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By zakens1998997
Written May 26, 2017
One of my favourite movies ever. I loved it. Six (starring Amber Heard) is the most fascinating character in this movie. From the outside she looks cool, classy and like a woman without feelings. From inside she's emotional and sensitive. Only thing I wish for is different ending. I don't think it fits to whole movie. I don't think that it's for any age. Probably, people under 18 shouldn't watch this but I didn't find anything too much sexual. All marketing stuff will be better understandable for adults and most of the emotions and actions, too. You won't regret watching this movie.
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By jellyboy168
Written June 08, 2013
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By 123926
Written July 04, 2013
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