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A low-ranked marketer hatches a surefire idea but needs help to keep it secret from corporate spies.
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great start and great movement for a disappointing ending if you haven't seen the movie there might be spoilers

By shibru83
for this movie i would love to give credit for a great fast paced movement and great lines spoken between the two main character and it has a great message to tell but for me the ending was a bit...


By 123747


By zakens1998997
One of my favourite movies ever. I loved it. Six (starring Amber Heard) is the most fascinating character in this movie. From the outside she looks cool, classy and like a woman without feelings....

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By jellyboy168
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By 123926

Decent movie

By dallasfan2326
It's a "renter" not a "buyer", I would advise to Redbox/VOD this movie before spending money on it lol. It's a watchable movie and is good for burning time. Still a decent movie....

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By boboalmarri09
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By Rocar86
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By amairani98
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