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By TraverseTown
Written January 28, 2013
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What were they thinking????

By ddasenbrock
Written February 11, 2009
We walked out after one hour and 15 minutes. We just weren't smart enough to get it....
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Typical Charlie Kaufman Nonsense

By spamtrap
Written February 24, 2009
I've seen all of this guy's movies and don't think he's written a good one since "Being John Malkovich." This is typical in the world of art, however. Whether it's a book or music CD or movie or whatever, the first work that gets an artist recognized is usually their best. But now they're expected to produce more. So they force themselves to produce, and it all stinks because there's no inpsiration. Synecdoche is a play on the name of the city of Schenectady but is also an actual English word meaning "simultaneous understanding." Like if you say "I bought a new set of wheels" most people understand that you mean you bought a new car. This film is a mess of insider jokes about being a Hollywood writer and Philip Seymour Hoffman looking confused as he spends a lifetime directing a play which is indistinguishable from real life. The film's message, "people are all the same", is not intriguing. This movie gave me a headache.
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GO see it! It blew my mind

By aaron_reyna
Written January 01, 2009
Loved it, great cast of characters! Totally blew my mind... in a good way.
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Great Song For Those Who Enjoyed the Film

By daniellovecraft
Written August 18, 2009
Synecdoche, New York is a spell-binding film that should be on everybody's must-see list. Go see the film and check out Daniel Lovecraft!!
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