erratic, glum & disappointing

By jeeckman
Written November 26, 2008
The movie has an interesting premise - a brilliant director, so confused by life, lost in it, unsure of his place and role in life creates the ultimate stage play - a play of his life that runs the duration of it. He casts every person in his life into the play with actors, and becomes lost in the play rather than having to deal with life itself. A fascinating concept, but it is pulled off poorly. Phillp Seymour Hofmann gives the role more than is there, and even his incredible talents don't rescue a somber, even glum, and depressing plot. There are too many loose ends (poorly explained, poorly concluded) in the film. And it is really very depressing. Give it a miss.
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Best movie of the past 5 years

By culdigital
Written December 24, 2008
Are you a thinker? Can you see beyond Walt Disney movie characters and plots to see more subtle themes in movies? If so then you will love this movie. I went with my significant other to see this film, and she is of the other variety - the one that likes a happy movie with a happy ending. She hated Synecdoche. I love her, but don't love her taste in movies. So in essence, if you go to a movie to enter a completely different world with different rules that you are plunged into, this will rock your world!
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A bold directorial debut . . . just too darn depressing to be enjoyable!

By Calylily
Written November 23, 2008
Sorry guys . . . a lot of work, creative spirit, brilliant exploration - While Kaufman is a brilliant screenwriting genius, this tale is JUST TOO GRIM to be enjoyed. It is artful and densley textured, but in these times, who wants to be this depressed . . ? . . I finally had to walk out. It is sad to admit, but right now, too much reality can be found on the front page, the radio and in our checking accounts. A great dark comedy . . . when what we really need right now is reason to laugh!
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Review of Synecdoche, New York

By kaiser2u
Written November 17, 2008
"THIS MOVIE S U C K E D...! " I just didn't get it....This is the Darkest most depressing film work that I have ever seen in my life. I should've asked for a refund....... Ray.D in Texas
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By jshpmn
Written November 24, 2008
The previews are the best scenes in this dreadful, disorganized, and woefully too long without a plot movie. The few people in the theater agreed they should have left in the first few minutes and went to a near by bar for a beer. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a great actor, but this vehicle was among the worst movies I've ever sat through---and only because my wife insisted we stay---I would have left early on if left to my devices.
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