Fascinating, surreal, long and worth seeing...

By movielover4ever
Written November 23, 2008
if you're into that. Personally, I loved it. It is wonderful to see a challenging piece of film-it was highly creative and although dark, also darkly funny. The cast was terrific and the acting brilliant. This is a serious piece of cinema, unlike anything I have seen in a very, very long time. It is also a stunningly beautiful work of art-I don't think I have ever seen a film in which I fell in love with some of the art within it, i.e. Adele's paintings, which one has to view with jeweler's glasses. They represent, to me, this remarkably creative work and how closely one can view it and how much there is to see.
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By ronnie625
Written November 17, 2008
Disturbing, beautiful, hilarious, ridiculous, heartbreaking. Loved it. Pretty depressing ultimately and maybe a little long, but an inspired bit of film making. Definitely worth seeing in the theater. Not just because cinematically it works so well on the big screen, but also there was something interesting/powerful about seeing this film in a room full of strangers. It's a hard film, with lots of questions, lots of sadness. It seems more and more rare that we experience films like this together, publicly, so I recommend it for this reason too.
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Synecdoche, New York

By seniorchap
Written December 10, 2008
Boring and repetitive
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Shamefullly self-indulgent

By aint_life_grand
Written November 25, 2008
The movie starts out with a compelling premise, that of a dysfunctional family with a hypochondriac director father and a distant artist mother. Unfortunately the plot soon dissolves into a surrealistic mess of a movie, of which the only message is: "Life Sucks And Then You Die." (Most of us already know this and don't need to be told.) Watch Silkwood or Sophie's Choice instead if you'd like to feel suicidal. Or just take a plane to the Congo for real misery.
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Beautiful. Absurd.

By agentshawn
Written November 30, 2008
As the reviews on this site and likely others - this movie you will either love or loathe. Those who will love it will be in part those who are fans of the theater of the absurd. Pinter, Becket, and Ionesco fans. There are so many moments in this movie that touches on a great many subjects. (Ruminate on the importance of the dismissiness of the adult care givers of the child issuing forth green poop at the outset of the movie.) However, in the end the strength of the movie lies in it's ability to entrance and illicit meaning from the total exprience of the movie - especially that of the last half. It is art. And the best kind of art in that is does not push you away, it does not draw you in, it simply holds you in a state of arrest. if you surrender to its unique charms - you will definitely leave the theater looking on the world anew.
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