Not for me

By sandrena
Written December 08, 2008
We went to see this movie based on critic reviews (who have led me astray before) and the cast. Maybe I'm just too low-brow or not introspective enough to understand this movie, but to me it was a waste of money and time. On the way home we decided that the main philosophy of the movie was that life sucks and then you die. Another reviewer used that same line and they were right.
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boring and long.

By thermopylae
Written November 18, 2008
that sums it up. boring and long. a few more details if you want... it kept repeating it self the entire time. death. don't know what my play's about. death. don't know what my play's about. death. and death it shall be for this film. a short lived life, soon to be forgotten... that's a bit harsh, i know. sorry. maybe i'm just bitter right now. maybe not. all and all my friend fell asleep during it. that should confirm what i'm saying.
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I must be too dumb

By dburrier
Written November 17, 2008
I must be too dumb to get this one. I waited out all 123 painful minutes waiting for something, anything, to pull this movie into the realm of comprehension. This made me want to go back to college to study James Joyce again--for pain relief. I really think I must have missed something major in my life for this to be so completely unaccessible. Any clues out there? d
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Synecdoche, New York ~ MODERN MATERPIECE!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written November 23, 2008
Charlie Kaufman's first film as both writer and director is a dazzling, dark, deeply textured mind puzzle of a cinematic experience. Granted, for those who want easy entertainments, this film wil be a little too much to grapple with on a single viewing. But for those up for a challenge, it is a rich and compelling film full of exquisitely realized existentialism and fascinating acting. Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as a neurotic theatrical director in up state New York who's life seems to unravel ( both figuratively and literally ) when his equally disturbed wife leaves on an extended European jaunt with their young daughter. He begins to search for the answers of his physical malladies and lonelieness through a performance art piece he initiates after receiving an artistic grant by hiring scoes of actors to live out his life as realistically as he can conjur up theatrically in the vast space of an old aircraft carrier hanger! What transpires is nothing short of astounding!
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Synecdoche, New York

By moland
Written November 30, 2008
This movie is for the thinking man or woman. Don't expect the director/plot/actors to tell you what it means or what you are supposed to come away with. I personally left the theater in awe because, in spite of how artificial the whole plot and situation is, I felt committed to think about the meaning of life and get on with living.
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