By lmg10ny
Written April 20, 2011
This movie will be GREAT. It's something new that cinema has not seen. The writer, Chris Thornton has been working on this movie for 10 years!!! and this movie portrays his life story about how he got paralyzed from the waist-down.. he is so strong and talented.
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The cinematography will pull you in

By jerryashton1
Written May 03, 2011
The expert camera work kept the eye entranced...sometimes the way the characters were portrayed. Each actor was on full display, warts and all, in a very chiarascuro and shaded presentation. Amazing.
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Challenging, Somewhat Dark Movie about Charity

By MChase07
Written April 30, 2011
A movie for people who enjoy themes of faith, hope and charity without the overly Christian undertones.A man whose life seems, by his own accounts, to be over, receives a gift and struggles with the way to live that gift out. The acting and directing were superb. The filming style was unique and gritty. The acting felt organic (and much of it was, as the actors told us after last night's Q&A). Juliette Lewis really shines in her supporting role. Powerful to have a lead in a wheelchair for once. Fantastic. Highly recommend it. Looking forward to future works with Ruffalo and Christopher Thornton!
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