Freshman year REALLY is no fairytale

By precioushope218
Written August 31, 2007
Well, I went to a pre-showing of this movie last night with my friends. It was surprisingly better than I thought. I'm not a big Amanda Bynes fan at all but this was by far her best performance. I laughed the entire time! It had a great story line. The cast did a phenominal job. It was a great romantic comedy. It really does show that freshman year is not as easy as you think...and that some sororitys are just better when you're not in them. This movie was all about being yourself and finding out who your true friends are...even if they're dorks. You really do find the inner dork in you. This is, honestly, a great movie for teens and college kids to see. It's good for adults as well but I think it would appeal to teens and college kids better than any other audience.
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Love Amanda Bynes!

By e_baldwin
Written September 12, 2007
If you like Amanda Bynes, you'll like this movie. I went in thinking it would be funny b/c of Bynes, but thought the rest of it would be silly in a bad way. I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the movie thoroughly entertaining! Laugh out loud funny, in fact. The whole theater seemed to enjoy it as well.
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Wow! Definent must go! Going to see again!

By jbf13
Written September 06, 2007
When I got pre-screening tickets to go see this movie I was not thats excited but I went and It was amazing how good it was! I was laughing the WHOLE movie. I am a 15 year old teen boy and thought it would be a chick flick, but not at all. I brought my two friends with me and everyone was laughing the whole time. Seriously, go see this movie. Well... in two weeks when it comes out.
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sneek peek

By elvisbuffy68
Written January 31, 2008
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best movie ever!!!

By tweet222
Written September 19, 2007
must go!!!!
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