Thorough Review

By A_Guy
Written January 04, 2009
This site has a well done review on the movie: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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A must see if you like anime......

By TDK in Dallas
Written January 15, 2009
Great movie, but nothing new or ground breaking. As far as anime movies go this one actually makes a lot more sense than most. But, who cares about that when it's got lot's of action and this one does.
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Sword of the Stranger

By Yukki
Written February 09, 2009
This was a one night only and if you missed it definitely watch it on video. Of course you should be somewhat of an anime fan. This movie is done by none other than Studio Bones. If you know anything about anime, you should recognize the name. All I can say is awesome!!! Let's just say "Kill Bill" blood letting, but feudal Japan style. Hell Ya!
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Just OK

By The Epicurean
Written February 08, 2009
I'm a big fan of anime, particularly the artform that it is. This movie was a bit slow for my liking and was lacking in what I would describe as "attentioned discrete bloodshed"...specifically being the combat sequences where blood is drawn with the katana. Given the title, I would have expected the animation to focus largely on that while prancing through the story line, which was mediocre at best. I will however give highest marks for the final combat scene with the two primary characters...very well done and very satisfying...more of that please.
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By anoyosho
Written February 07, 2009
This was an awesome film!! They should definatly show more anime in the theatre!!!!
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