Swiss Army Man Synopsis
Outrageously fun and deeply affecting, Swiss Army Man is a gonzo buddy comedy that is the feature film debut of acclaimed music video directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan.
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Farts. Shame. And loneliness.

By austinjohnfry71
This film is beautiful. Yes, it's about a man trapped in the wilderness with only a corpses farts/friendship to survive, but it's actually touching. It's themes of loneliness, shame, and friendship...

Not for traditional movie-goers

By wolfbait
This is a very strange movie indeed. If you are looking for a traditional story that is easy to understand and follow, this is not for you. My wife and I left the theater with many, many questions...

Beautiful, unique, hilarious film

By Ggomez514
Don't listen to reviewers. The film clearly won't over their heads. The concept of a depressed man finding solace in a dead body, and that dead body bringing him back to life is done in a unique way,...


By Thelegodudegaming
I don't know where to start with this train wreck of a movie. If this got better ratings than independence day resurgence, I guess I could be the president. Horrible movie....


By dmroz25
Daniel Radcliffe steals the show in this ComDram. It was a great movie with great acting and a good plot. Must see...

Monumental waste of time and money

By jb939
If you are entertained by farts, erections, masturbation, and necrophilia, then this is your your movie. Billed as an "action/adventure comedy," this disgusting and tiresome film is emphatically none...

***** in every way possible

By mpdonovan712016950
Totally stupid and ***** movie. Very clearly propaganda for the homosexual agenda. Very sorry I wasted my money on it....

By dmzobel
Hilarious, weird, creative, and brilliant!...

bizarre fun

By dannypants
One of the weirdest, darkly funny films I've seen in a long time. It went on slightly too long, which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, but I enjoyed it immensely....

By dsims688
Bad movie don't wast your time or money...

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Rated R | For Language and sexual material.
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Common Sense Media says Slightly unsettling, but ultimately weird and wonderful.
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