Swing Vote.......Horrific

By papapait
Written July 25, 2008
I just left a free preview and could not finish the whole thing. I NEVER walk out on movies! This one is so impossibly slow and simple that I found myself wishing for open heart surgery. This movie makes rural America seem stupid, out of touch, and uncaring about anything but themselves and their alcohol. They portray candidates bribing Bud for votes...and then because of some half baked remark he makes one of the candidates renig on all of his constituents and political ideals. Democrats now support ProLife, Republicans now support Same sex marriage...all to get one vote. I don't really care how the politician's get portrayed because they all seem to do whatever it takes to get a vote, and I definitely don't care about the mass media's control of the movie..because that's reality. This movie is nothing more than a product placement advertising and a plug for MSNBC. Bill Maher's comments just prove he's even an idiot in a movie. This movie will make you dumber by the second
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“SWING VOTE” -- a FINE choice on my “Ballot =

By jimchudnow
Written July 24, 2008
[From an advance preview:] The ads didn’t make this look very good-- but the ads were MISLEADING (just like the politicians inhabiting this film!) MADELINE CARROLL does a top quality job playing Molly, young-but-mature daughter to her slacker dad “Bud” (KEVIN COSTNER). With surprisingly-believable details, Bud’s shown to be an “uncounted” vote that will help determine a Presidential election between vapid, superficial incumbent Boone (KELSEY GRAMMER) and challenger Greenleaf (DENNIS HOPPER). It’s both very funny and realistically SCARY the way both parties & their two-faced managers keep changing their basic “positions” to try to get Bud’s vote. I have deep disdain for nearly all politicians (most being members of “Hypocrites ’R Us”), & this film astutely shows WHY many people tend to feel that way nowadays. While it’s not great, I think so highly of this movie due to an inherent THOUGHT-PROVOKING cleverness in the surprisingly skilled way the story is handled by all involved.
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Please stop the Cosner madness

By andersox
Written August 11, 2008
This movie would be twice as good if they cut about 30 minutes of Kevin Cosner's portrayal of white trash. Cosner is one of the most over-rated actors of his time. The only time he's shined was in Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and Dances with Wolves. Since then, he's made one lousy movie after the other: The Bodyguard, Tin Cup, Waterworld, Message in a Bottle. Cosner has the appeal and charisma of a slice of week old Wonder Bread. It's been almost 20 years since he made a decent movie. The only stars that shine in this movie are Kelsey Grammer as President Boone and Madeline Carroll as Molly Johnson. Stanley Tucci and Nathan Lane are sorely under used. Avoid wasting your time and money on this stink festival.
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A Great Overall Comedy

By stormy waters
Written July 29, 2008
Not only was this a great political satire, but this movie was a great comedy movie, that had an outstanding comedic performance from Kevin Costner. This movie was a very fun movie, though towards the end it did have some slow parts, for it becomes a drama movie towards the end. Overall this movie was one of those movies where the movie is way different than the trailer, so do not let the trailer be your final judgment on whether or not to watch this movie, for i came into the special sneak preview of this movie with very low expectations, and found myself surprised for i started to love the movie after only watching the first five minutes. Anyway this was a great movie to watch, and it is appropriate enough for kids, even there is some mild language.
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Better than expected

By lasmile
Written July 23, 2008
I went to a screening of this movie and to be honest I was expecting a bad movie and I ended up entertain and thinking more of politics and the message behind it.
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