Sentimental in the extreme

By Starman51
Written February 13, 2007
Great couples movie. Evokes a tie to the land and a time of tight knit communities (both the good and the bad) and the challenges of being a stranger in a strange land that most of us have either fogotten or have never experienced. Take a handkerchief.
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A well told story with amazing scenery

By seattle movie girl
Written January 28, 2007
In Sweet Land the story unfolds in tune with the Midwestern scenery of the movie and the actors are allowed time to convey their characters not just through words, but by subtle motions and facial expressions. I really enjoyed the movie and its tenderness has stayed with me.
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A Beautiful Movie!

By lordoftheringsgeek
Written January 22, 2007
I absolutely adored this movie! It was funny, touching, and thought provoking. It's also probably the most realistic love story I've ever seen, and that's rather ironic, considering it involves a "mail order" bride! I love how the relationship between the two main characters slowly develops. The acting is great and the scenery is beautiful! It did my heart good to see so much open land! I am of Scandinavian heritage ( though not Norwegian ), so I think I got a little extra kick out of the movie because of that! But there's something for everyone in this beautiful, Oscar-worthy movie!
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By carolsr
Written February 02, 2007
no gratuitous violence or sex or cursing. I'm not a prude but it gets so boring and formulaic sometimes. This was a refreshing movie about emotions, relationships and moxie. I loved it!
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By lilskater9
Written February 12, 2007
o hell no
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