Wickedly Awesome!!

By Chefdog03
Written December 20, 2007
I saw an advance screen of Sweeney Todd on 12-19-07. I have to say that I am impressed. The movie was exactly like the musical. Tim burton made no changes at all and I am happy about that. The darkness of the settings as well as the acting was amazing. You really get a better appreation for the play once you see the movie because it enhances the creatitvity of the playwright. You do not have to see the play to enjoy the movie unless you want to know what is coming up. The darkness of the movie was more profound than in the play and it really shined. Depp was born to play sweeney todd. I had no clue that he could sing but what a surprise when he does. Give tim burton total freedom on his movies and this is the result. The blood and gore was not very realistic but it actually helped the movie. The orange colored blood came across as a good opposite counterpart to the darkness.Not a movie for kids but it is rated R. If you like musicals and gore, a must see, if not, see something else.
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The Closest Shave You'll Ever Have

By phantomasmsa
Written February 22, 2008
This is by far the best movie that I have seen this year. I personally think that his Sweeney Todd is better than his Jack Sparrow. I am into the more darker aspect of movies. The music was excelent and gritty. I have my self singing Depp's part as I walk to my classes at school. I thouht it was excelent. The movie is really gory. But, it is not gory enough to get an X rating!!! There is a reveiw say it should be rated X because of the blood. Hey you know on the on poster, the book, and the web site it says that it is rated R for "Graphic Bloody Violence", that kinda gives a clue that it is going to be really gory.The reason why we don't have that many musicals coming out into movie adaptions is because people are so dumb and they percieve it the wrong way and not the way it is meant to be to percived, the way the director wants it. The director does not do your verson of the movie, they do their own, if you didn't like it then rewrite it, hire actors, and do it yourself. Great movie.
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Satisfying even to fans of the Broadway original

By pennysmom
Written December 05, 2007
The Variety review (in the Critics section) is very accurate. Sweeney Todd is my favorite musical out of many many musicals, and I was worried that the film (even with favorites Johnny Depp and Tim Burton) wouldn't do the music and story justice. Worry no longer. The singing is not done by the same kinds of big showy voices as in the Broadway original, but the acting and visuals and interpretations absolutely serve the material. It's all really well done. However, the film gets pretty horrific and dark, especially towards the end. If you're looking for a movie to bring the family to over the holidays, this one is not for young kids or squeamish relatives.
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Amazing Movie!!!!

By devon612
Written December 12, 2007
I didn't know exactly what to expect with a horror/musical starring Johnny Depp, but I was surprised!! Depp did any amazing job as usual. The movie kept your attention and had you laughing frequently at the most grotesque ideas. The scenes and costumes were artistically perfect. The final scene was absolutely beautiful although gory (I won't ruin it!). Don't be afraid of the bloodiness of the movie, it's more artistically done than gory. I'm not a fan of horror and gore, but I could easily watch the "horror" scenes. I think everyone needs to see this, you'll be talking about it for some time!!
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Give Depp an Oscar!!

By foxyoperasinger
Written December 18, 2007
This movie is unbelievable! Johnny Depp is brilliant (as usual) and his voice is simply compelling and perfect for the role. I am a huge Sondheim fan and give my stamp of approval! Tim Burton has created a masterpiece and deserves to be rewarded for it. It's time for the Academy to step up and give Depp the Oscar he so richly deserves and Burton as well. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
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