Warning to straight guys...it’s a MUSICAL

By Jaycee5
Written December 22, 2007
This movie could have been great. Great director, great cast, great plot, great cinematography, great costumes. Everything was there. So what went wrong? I’ll tel ya’. IT”S A MUSICAL. ATTENTION HOLLYWOOD...STRAIGHT GUYS DON’T LIKE MUSICALS. To make matters worse, anytime the movie became interesting, someone would break into a show tune. What could be more annoying? ARRRGH...so incredibly tedious. I can’t say that this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. That wouldn’t be honest because I walked out after only 37 minutes. I want my $9 back.
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Oscar worthy! Absolutely outstanding! Casting could not have been better

By moviefanwith3kids
Written December 29, 2007
Saw this movie finally last night. It was fantastic. Do not take the kiddos though, trust the R rating! Could not possibly have been better cast. (And for any Harry Potter fans seeing Snape, Wormtail and Bellatrix Lestrange in a differant movie was fun) Johnny Depp as the Demon of fleet street was superb. Equally creepy and sad he played the disturbing role with such conviction that you forget it is Johnny. Helena as Mrs Lovetts made her special pies with such excitement and she just wanted to be happy with Mr. T as she called him, that you wanted to like her even though she was completely mad. The blood in the movie flowed freely, made even more disturbing by its bright red color next to all the blacks and browns of the rest of the movie. It is not normally something I like in a movie, but this was made to look unrealistic which helped you watch it while still making you want to turn away. I do not think any man could have a straight razor shave after seeing this.......
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By I_love_bees
Written December 26, 2007
Most of the singers were not professional singers at all so it was terrible to listen to them throughout the entire movie. How can you make a musical with one decent voice??!?!?! Yet, I honestly think that if it wasn't a musical it would have actually been a good movie !!!! It leaves you hanging on a few characters in the end. It doesn't even look like there is going to be a sequel. Don't waste your money with this one. I recommend the Golden Compass or Enchanted!
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Razor Sharp FIlm

By Mooki1
Written December 16, 2007
I've seen this film twice now at advanced screenings, and I've loved it both times. This is undoubtedly the most unique film out this holiday season. The genius of Depp/Burton have teamed up to bring this horror comedy thriller musical to the big screen. This is the way to adapt a Broadway musical to film. It's not simply a recreation of the stage version; it's a masterful blend of sight & sound that tells the story of revenge and love. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter have placed their signature stamps on the roles of Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett. Both chilling and sensual, there's not quite been such a macabre pair of characters. Fans of the stage version are in for a treat, but must remember that some songs needed to be cut to forward the story for film. However, the Sondheim vision is left intact with brilliant performances from Depp/Lovett/Alan Rickman/ Timothy Spall and the young Anthony/Johann & Toby. For those not familiar with Sweeney Todd--be prepared---it's bloody good!
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dark, brilliant, sexy, funny = BEAUTIFUL.

By rosettamarie
Written April 06, 2008
I couldn't be a bigger fan of Sweeney Todd. First off, let me just express how impressed I am with the musical aspect of this film. What a treat! Honestly, I find the movie much more appealing than the original musical (and I'm a big Broadway fan). Burton is an absolute visionary; he's one of my favorite directors of all time, and this could very well be his best piece. What an undertaking, but so brilliantly executed -- no pun intended. Speaking of killing people, expect gore, and lots of it. There's a bit of a fantasty element there, though. In fact, I complained at first about the seemingly minimal special effects, but that is exactly the intention -- it actually is a bit comical. But this movie is no laughing matter. VERY tragic... it's a sad story. Todd and Mrs. Lovett are terribly broken characters, and the acting (and vocal prowess!) exhibited by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter (both of whom I love to pieces) is stunning. I honestly love everything about this film.
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