Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Synopsis
Sweeney Todd sets up a barber shop down in London for a sinister partnership with his fellow tenant,
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Warning to straight guys...it’s a MUSICAL

By Jaycee5
This movie could have been great. Great director, great cast, great plot, great cinematography, great costumes. Everything was there. So what went wrong? I’ll tel ya’. IT”S A MUSICAL. ATTENTION...

Oscar worthy! Absolutely outstanding! Casting could not have been better

By moviefanwith3kids
Saw this movie finally last night. It was fantastic. Do not take the kiddos though, trust the R rating! Could not possibly have been better cast. (And for any Harry Potter fans seeing Snape, Wormtail...


By I_love_bees
Most of the singers were not professional singers at all so it was terrible to listen to them throughout the entire movie. How can you make a musical with one decent voice??!?!?! Yet, I honestly...

Razor Sharp FIlm

By Mooki1
I've seen this film twice now at advanced screenings, and I've loved it both times. This is undoubtedly the most unique film out this holiday season. The genius of Depp/Burton have teamed up to bring...

dark, brilliant, sexy, funny = BEAUTIFUL.

By rosettamarie
I couldn't be a bigger fan of Sweeney Todd. First off, let me just express how impressed I am with the musical aspect of this film. What a treat! Honestly, I find the movie much more appealing than...

Wickedly Awesome!!

By Chefdog03
I saw an advance screen of Sweeney Todd on 12-19-07. I have to say that I am impressed. The movie was exactly like the musical. Tim burton made no changes at all and I am happy about that. The...

The Closest Shave You'll Ever Have

By phantomasmsa
This is by far the best movie that I have seen this year. I personally think that his Sweeney Todd is better than his Jack Sparrow. I am into the more darker aspect of movies. The music was excelent...

Satisfying even to fans of the Broadway original

By pennysmom
The Variety review (in the Critics section) is very accurate. Sweeney Todd is my favorite musical out of many many musicals, and I was worried that the film (even with favorites Johnny Depp and Tim...

Amazing Movie!!!!

By devon612
I didn't know exactly what to expect with a horror/musical starring Johnny Depp, but I was surprised!! Depp did any amazing job as usual. The movie kept your attention and had you laughing...

Give Depp an Oscar!!

By foxyoperasinger
This movie is unbelievable! Johnny Depp is brilliant (as usual) and his voice is simply compelling and perfect for the role. I am a huge Sondheim fan and give my stamp of approval! Tim Burton has...

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Rated R | For graphic bloody violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Movie is darker, much bloodier than stage musical.
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