3D made this almost unwatchable

By transom
Written February 06, 2016
It is a shame that the technology got in the way of the performance. The video suffered from so many 3D artifacts that it was easier to watch without the glasses. I am a frequent viewer of the Opera at the Met HD performances. The event should have been shot in HD and not 3D. Despite the 3D issues, the performance itself was awesome. These are some of the world's greatest ballet artists and it was apparent. The lead ballerina is immensely talented as was the dancer portraying the court jester. This is one of the great ballets performed on one of the world's historic stages.
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Marinsky's Swan Lake in 3D!

By oscarbr39
Written September 04, 2015
The most gorgeous & exciting dancing I have ever seen, and Tchaikovsky's Music was (of course) glorious!! The Corps de Ballet was amazing for their togetherness & grace, and the Premier Dancers were remarkable & Exciting. The sheer grace of line was a thing of elegant beauty! The 3D made it very "real" - but because there was NO additional Lighting used to augment the "Natural ("you are there") Theater Lighting", the 3D video was very dark, making it difficult to see detail. While it was enhancing to see the dancers in 3D, I would trade the 3D any day, for brighter lighting, bringing greater color depth & detail. The Music was loud enough, but the muffled bass sounds of Star Trek "Explosions" next door, were very distracting to the silences between notes of Tchaikovsky's music. Although the "Live" 15 minute Intermissions (2) made it convenient to go to the restroom, they did make for an overly long evening. In balance, I am very glad we came! Bravo!! Do this again
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Disastrous experince

By tonythecat13
Written August 24, 2016
The spouse and I took time off from work to see this at the Santa Anita AMC theatres in Arcadia, CA. We waited patiently in our seats like the rest of the audience and we didn't see anything! The theatre staff apparently could not get the movie showing on the screen properly and instead we were subjected to viewing the last minute of the performance in a constant loop for about half hour. After about a 40 minute delay, the theatre staff informed us that we could request refunds. We left feeling totally disgusted and very angry as this performance would only be shown one time this year. I will inform as many people as possible that they should not see anything at the AMC Santa Anita theatres nor any viewings put on by "Fathom events" until they can be competent enough to actually show their "events" on the theatre screen. We were so disappointed.
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By lawdale
Written January 19, 2017
FANTASTIC.....what a treat! Seeing this ballet in 3D made it so special. The dancers were incredible. This is a must see for every ballet fan.
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Swan Lake Mariinsky Live

By rachelrosie
Written June 25, 2016
Seeing this ballet on the big screen was a joy. It was delightful to see scenes of elegant St. Petersburg, the famous Mariinsky Theatre and to learn a bit about the history of ballet in Russia, and the Mariinsky Ballet Company. And to feel like I was there in the audience at this elegant theatre along with Russian ballet fans with the best seats in the house! The ballet itself was an on-going rapture and I can only say that Odette/Odile was so amazing that I almost forgot I was watching a human being and not a truly bewitched swan; her movements were so full of grace, fluidity and tragedy and "swan-like!" I have seen other companies doing Swan Lake in person but nothing can compare to this! And the exquisitely talented orchestra! What fun to be clapping along with the Russian audience and having a chance to "mill around" during the actual intermissions! As a great cultural exchange with a country where our communication is often faulty, this experience was first rate!
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