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Wonderful way to experience the Ballet

By sprdave85
Written September 23, 2014
Enjoyed the performance of Swan Lake from St. Petersburg Russia. The host of the even could have been a little more polished, but the camera action was fantastic. We have seen The Nutcracker the same way as well as an Opera. Very convenient way to keep the kids cultured.
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Like watching from the wrong side of the screen

By mikecox69
Written June 08, 2013
Introductions were clumsy and pathetic, our audience laughed out loud. The interviews were no different. But most concerning was the bland; faded and thin projected images; like watching from the wrong side of the screen. I kept wondering why, considering the current “state of the art. The women next to me complained about the sound; “it’s all coming from the front”! The high production values of this ballet were simply washed away by the poor quality of the recording. Also annoyed by the frequent references to “live 3D”; which confused our audience; I overheard several people express confusion on this point, since we were watching a 2D version! I couldn’t help but wonder if the 3D version was as bland and thin as the 2D version and how especially disappointing that would have been. Finally, there were 2 15 minute intermissions, followed by 5 or 10 minutes of a tedious shot of the audience; leaving us, the actual audience, very restless!
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Very nice

By Montolino
Written June 09, 2013
I enjoyed this Swan Lake performance very much. Ekaterina Kondaurova did well, although she isn't the best I've seen. Timur Askerov was okay, but I don't think he has the Vaganova style that most Mariinsky dancers have. The Mariinsky is considered the best ballet company in the world and this was a "good" performance, but they have done better. I still loved getting a chance to see the Mariinsky on screen, so that is why I am saying, "Must go...." People who have never seen them live in person should definitely go to this!
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Swan Lake

By marieben
Written July 29, 2014
Simply exquisite! Great to be up front and personal with the cast and conductor, while it was actually happening in Russia. Just love Live HD shows!
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By chrissytedesco
Written June 07, 2013
The ballet was just beautiful. And the mini-interviews with dancers and the Mistro were nice. Not too long and just enough information and insight into the ballet. I will definitely take advantage of this type of performance again. This theater didn't show it in 3D but it was still beautiful. I would like to see it in 3D sometime to see if there was a big difference.
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