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Loved the Mariinsky Swan Lake

By lawrencefranko
Written June 30, 2016
We loved the production. What unbelievable dancing! Ekaterina-Odette-Odile was breathtaking. Incredibe corps-de-ballet, other solists, orchestra (violin, harp and cello solos to die for...), costumes, etc. Could never see such a production in the US, alas, it would be too bank-breakingly expensive. Decor perhaps a little dark for moder tastes, but we found it fun to be transported back to the time of the Czars , Tchaikovsky, and Petipas. Nice views of St. Petersburg and introductory history on Russian Ballet. It was rather charming to have akward young (but very attractive) Russians doing the presenting rather than 'great celebrities.' Would have been nice if the start time really had been 6:30, not 7:00 and the 'broadway' previews were jarring and not appealing to a ballet audience. Bring us more from Russia!!!
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Swan Lake

By dbarr269
Written May 05, 2015
The dancing was masterful and the lead ballerina, Ekaterina Kondaurova, absolutely exquisite. Beautiful production. I would only suggest that the intermission segments, as well as the (rather interminable) interludes showing the Marinsky theatre and its audience, be edited out, particularly since American audiences will have no patience for that sort of thing. Otherwise, really splendid!
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Swan Lake

Written November 29, 2015
The 3D was terrible, it stated it was live when in reality it was a movie, the sound was not in high definition, dancing was good, presentation was amateur, so bad I asked for my money back.
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Ballet Russian-style

By greenjaybird
Written April 30, 2016
This was well worth seeing (minus the cheesy interviews). The prima ballerina sparkled in the Odile scene, with pirouttes so fast it seemed like camera tricks. But it was indeed filmed live: in the first pas de deux she fell out of an extension or a piroutte, I don't remember; gasps were heard all around. Siegfried was adequate, but the jester was amazing. The women had crazy high extensions, even the men's were higher than usual. The flexibility on exhibit was also astounding; I've only seen such deep back dips in figure skaters and gymnasts. The women's leaps were revolutionary; no more lame first-leg-up-then-plop-down disappointment: they sustained complete splits in the air, a triumph after years of distant second status to men's leaps. The uniformly long legs of the men must be evidence of continuing the selection of students by body-type . Sadly, all pirouette with the ankle crossed at standing leg, rather than toe at knee, ruining the line. There was a surprise ending!
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Loved it!!

By mamaphyllis
Written January 31, 2015
This was my first 'real' ballet other than Nutcracker on TV. This performance was absolutely beautiful, perfect in every way. The dancers were so graceful, so talented, so perfect. I especially enjoyed the broadcast before that showed the Mariinsky theater inside and out, and the interviews and talking during intermissions that gave more insight into the theater, the performers, and actual views of the audience. The only possible criticism I could make would be the quality of the picture, maybe I expected to see something like HD. The theater I attended did not show the 3D version, so maybe that's why, don't really know. And, the orchestra was just as good as the dancers. But, who couldn't love the music of Tchaikovsky? Just a little info for any future viewings of this particular show, the title stayed up so long in the very beginning that it prompted our theater operator to make a call to check that everything was okay.
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