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Ballet Russian-style

By greenjaybird
Written April 30, 2016
This was well worth seeing (minus the cheesy interviews). The prima ballerina sparkled in the Odile scene, with pirouttes so fast it seemed like camera tricks. But it was indeed filmed live: in the first pas de deux she fell out of an extension or a piroutte, I don't remember; gasps were heard all around. Siegfried was adequate, but the jester was amazing. The women had crazy high extensions, even the men's were higher than usual. The flexibility on exhibit was also astounding; I've only seen such deep back dips in figure skaters and gymnasts. The women's leaps were revolutionary; no more lame first-leg-up-then-plop-down disappointment: they sustained complete splits in the air, a triumph after years of distant second status to men's leaps. The uniformly long legs of the men must be evidence of continuing the selection of students by body-type . Sadly, all pirouette with the ankle crossed at standing leg, rather than toe at knee, ruining the line. There was a surprise ending!
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Swan Lake Mariinsky Live

By edithreichman
Written June 07, 2013
This ballet was fantastic!. The dancers, the choreography, the costumes, the scenery, the orchestra were all outstanding. Showing pictures of St. Petersburg were an added pleasure. I could have watched it again without getting up. All the dancers were terrific, but the soloists and the conductor were unbelievable. If you show it again, I will go to see it a second time.
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Swan Lake

By hdr3865
Written May 05, 2016
The performance was wonderful, but the entire program was excruciatingly long. I could have done without all the interviews and just seen the ballet. That would have cut down on the overall length of the program. I am hesitant to purchase tickets for future presentations because I don't want to commit to nearly four hours of my time. There were a lot of young girls at the program, probably because they are ballet students. Every time we had an intermission, they ran out for yet another round of sodas and popcorn. They didn't always make it back in time for the performance to begin again. I can understand students wanting to see the performance, but they need to behave as though it's a theatre performance not a movie theater.
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Swan Lake Mariinsky Live 2D

By bostonbeanforever
Written June 03, 2015
This version of Swan Lake was the most exquisite that I have ever seen!! The Prima Ballerina was unbelievable. She must rate with Pavlova -- I have a subscription to the American Ballet theater in NYC and have seen wonderful dancing; but Ekataterina D. took Ballet to a new level of excellence , expression and mastery of dance!. Bravo to the Mariinsky ballet for giving American audiences an evening of such pleasure.
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Absolutely outstanding

By jmpsfs
Written July 03, 2015
It's a true pleasure to watch a performance of a classical work of art executed perfectly, and this one was. Ballet and opera both benefit from well-staged video productions, and this one benefited more than most because it was so well done. Bravo.
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