Svetlana Efremova

Worked With

Year Name Title
2010 Ron Perlman Killer By Nature
2010 Armand Assante Killer By Nature
2006 Jeff Bridges Stick It
2006 Polly Holliday Stick It
2005 Ewan McGregor The Island
2005 Scarlett Johansson The Island
2005 Michael Clarke Duncan The Island
2005 Sean Bean The Island
2005 Steve Buscemi The Island
2005 Djimon Hounsou The Island
2004 Shelley Berman Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Weatherman
2004 Ted Danson Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Weatherman
2003 Kiefer Sutherland Phone Booth
2003 Forest Whitaker Phone Booth
2003 Colin Farrell Phone Booth
2003 Liev Schreiber Spinning Boris
2003 Anthony LaPaglia Spinning Boris
2003 Jeff Goldblum Spinning Boris
2002 Stephen Root White Oleander
2002 Robin Wright Penn White Oleander
2002 Billy Connolly White Oleander
2002 Patrick Fugit White Oleander
2002 Renée Zellweger White Oleander
2002 Michelle Pfeiffer White Oleander
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